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Pricing varies based upon a number of factors. For basic prints, the size and finish of the print and delivery costs will be reflected in the price. For photography services, pricing is typically time based, but will be adjusted for travel and related expenses. Ordering of prints, books and special orders is based upon the underlying costs and time to complete the order. Please provide the following information so I can better provide you with a detailed estimate of the price for your project or event.


Email: info@arrowoflightdesign.net


The name Arrow of Light may seem to be based on the key role of light in the art of photography. While it is a very appropriate connection, the name, Arrow of Light, was inspired by a petroglyph site near Gila Bend, Arizona. In an area of blackened rocks, one of the petroglyphs is hidden in an alcove of stones. The petroglyph is circular. At the winter solstice, light comes across the top of a mountain and shots between the rocks to form literally an arrow of light. The light strikes the stone in the center of the carved image. While I have taken photographs since I was roughly six years, old, I cannot claim that many of the early photos were very good. In college, I began to take a more serious look at my photography. I think the odds of getting a good shot improved but there were still a lot of bad photographs. Over the past ten years, I have focused on developing my skills as a photographer. This has resulted in a significant improvement in my images. I believe that this is not totally a figment of my imagination as my images have been used on a number of web sites, including numerous Facebook profile pictures. You might have seen my images on the University of Arizona Pediatric Department (Neonatology) website, or the University of Wisconsin Department of Pediatric website. The Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters has used my images in their newsletter and on their website. The Friends of Indian Lake have images from 2011 Indian Lake Trail Run on their site. I have images included in two books published by The Center of Photography at Madison. One image appeared in First Look, and two will be in Signs of Protests. I recently had two images selected to be included in the Seven States Juried Show juried by National Geographic photographer, Sam Abell. The show goes up on September 14, 2012, and continues to the end of October at the University of Wisconsin Memorial Union. It has been encouraging see others enjoy my images.